I love entertaining. Getting friends together and making a memorable night has always been on the top of my list. Having a simple theme can put an exciting twist on an evening. First of all I like to create a welcoming ambiance, such as lighting candles, choosing a playlist that suits the evening, and adding extra seats around the living room. I like to include a variety of drinks, including a cocktail that can be an alternative to the non whisky/scotch drinkers (featured below). As far as snacks popcorn is extremely simple and inexpensive. This particular popcorn I used Black Truffle oil from Evolution Oil that I purchased in Edmonton, AB, grated parmesan, and black pepper. As for something sweet I went to a local bakery that specializes in only donuts, Jelly Modern Donuts.  The cocktail  I posted below was a big hit  although I didn’t have any blueberries.



Glasses (similar), TrayPopcorn BowlsCake Stand


2 thoughts on “Scotch and Donuts

  1. Your blog is wonderful; very easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. I like the fact that the layout is quite clean. You have a new follower 😉

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