Entertaining in a small space can be challenging but not impossible. I moved into a 600 sq ft apartment  approximately 2 months ago and I didn’t have enough space for a big kitchen table, however adding a few more seats around the couch and setting up all the food on the island does just the trick. I placed big furry pillows on the less appealing plastic chairs to make them more comfy and inviting. IMG_4051

Cozy pillows

No matter how hard I try I can’t ever seem to plan the meal to be ready at the right time due to most of my friends either arriving too early or too late. Since I don’t get home  from work until about 5PM I decided to chose something simple yet delicious, DUMPLINGS! I had no idea where to get them and after scoured the internet for a while I decided to try my luck in China town. I found treats galore just walking from store to store.  I stubbled upon puffy pork and chicken buns from Diamond Bakery. Frozen dumplings from a random store I can’t even remember the name of and finally since I work in the North of Calgary I stopped by the best recommended dim sum place, T Pot.

Recommendations By Avenue


I also decided to find a different twist on Sake.  I took a look on Pinterest and found one that sounded amazing!

Grapefruit Lemongrass Sake Cocktail



Chopsticks, Bamboo Steamer (I found one cheaper at Superstore), Sake Set,


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