This is a bit of a throw back from the fall but I thought I would share: I’ve always loved throwing parties but this one was my favourite. I spent a lot of time and effort on this day but perhaps it was because it was for my sister and I wanted everything perfect. The shower took place at in the home we grew up in, my parents house. I spend months researching catering companies and scrolling through Pinterest, trying to come up with ideas.

The decor involved balloons from Party City, mini pumpkins from Superstore, flowers from Swish Flowers, and pom poms from Kate Spade.

My sister wanted something classy without “cheesy”bridal shower games and I figured  a wine and cheese tasting style party would be perfect. I purchased from random picture frames and headed to the local craft store and put together a few signs for each station. I purchased a few wine makers to prevent everyone forgetting which glass was there. (it also makes for less glasses at clean up)

I decided to go with Cavern in Edmonton, AB for the caterers. They deliver all the food and pick up the dishes the next day so its low fuss. I made some appetizers myself that were quick, easy, and tasty.

Watermelon, Feta, Mint Cubes and Cucumber Cups with Smoked Salmon


As far as games went: I set up a station for everyone to write a date idea for the happy couple.  I also did  “How well do you know the Bride,” and  “What’s in your purse games.” Both games were simple and tasteful and the winners received a bottle of wine.

I made everything “help yourself,” with a coffee station and assorted bottles of wine which, made less running around for me and I could sit back and relax a little more.

Overall I think the night was a huge hit! At least I thought so anyways!



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