Sometimes its a battle findings the perfect gift for our male loved ones and its even tougher keeping a budget. I found some items that most men enjoy for a decent price.

  1. Good Luck Socks: I adore this sock company and for just over $100 you can have socks delivered to his front door every month for a year.


2.  Cigar Star: I love local brands and this one is right of Calgary, AB. Alberta is known to be very dry and having the humidors manufactured right here in Calgary the wood of the cigar box is climatized with easier. This particular humidor is just over $100.


3. Crosby Record Player: I love the look of the particular record player. It’s rustic yet modern.


4. Electronic Meat Thermometer : My boyfriend pretty much always forgets about the steaks on the grill and I end up with a medium well instead of medium rare steak. This device syncs to your mobile device and goes off when your meat of choice is ready and its only $40. Maybe this gift is more for me?


5.  The Food Lab Cookbook


6. DIY Hot Sauce Kit you can also pick this up locally in Calgary at The Livery Shop


7. Beer Glass


8. Tap Voice Speaker


9. Whiskey Glasses and Ice Set


10. Key Smart



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