I love travelling especially somewhere hot. I’ve also decided with the increasing baggage fees that I am no longer travelling with a checked bag. I’m an over packer and I find whatever size of bag I have it will always be full so I chose these two bags below and was able to fit everything I needed. (Ps Rolling clothes is key!)


Delsey Suitcase, Lo and Sons Carry On

I can’t express how much I love this carry on. It fits my lap top, ipad, has a small pocket for keys, passport, and even has a side pocket for a pair of shoes. Plus it fits perfectly under the seat on the plane. Click on the link above to see the video on how much this bag really fits!



Another way I like to keep organized while traveling is using: This Is Ground Tablet Holder. It can hold a few cards my passport, my ipad, notebook. You can even purchase different inserts and get your initials stamped on the front.


Another thing I’ve discovered while flying are these Carry on Cocktail Kits. They instantly make the flight more fun. Booze is not included. (Ps its legal to bring mini bottles of booze through airport security! )


Travelling with liquids can be difficult especially when you’re not checking a bag. I find Sephora my best bet for under 100ml liquids. I usually buy sample packs around christmas time or whenever they have them. They last a longtime if you’re only using them for travel. Most other companies also have travel size products such as these SaJe ones shown below. I also like to have a clear pouch already packed to save myself sometime at security.


A few clothing items I adore and love to take (or would love to take lol) with me to Mexico are:


Off the Shoulder Dress, Wayuu Bag, Triangl Swim Suit, Black Triangl Swim SuitWilfred Dress, Levi’s Shorts, Romper, Wanderer Blouse, Russo Dress, Marla Top, Orsen Dress, Free People Hat




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