Fall is definitely one of my favourite seasons. I love the crisp air and the colours. Another thing that comes with fall is colder weather. Indoor activities are now a necessity and I find just going to a pub for a pint starts to get pretty boring after awhile. So why not find other fun, out of the ordinary things to do?

Paint Night

Get a group of ladies together and go to one of the pubs that the event takes place at, have some wine, and make use of your creativity. Basically you are taught to paint a picture that you get to take home at the end of the night! Groupon and living social usually have the class for only $25.


Escape RoomLocked Room

Time to channel your inner Houdini and attempt to use the clues in a locked room in order to get out. More head together are better than one so grab a few friends and test your skills and friendship!


High Tea

Who doesn’t love decadent little pastries, a warm cup of tea, and your best girls? Head to the Fairmont Palliser in Calgary and enjoy an afternoon indoors.


 Axe Throwing

Never thrown an axe? Well me neither but hey I’ll try anything once. This is definitely a great date night. It’s something different than the norm, which I’m all over.


Cooking Class

I love love love cooking, if you haven’t figured it out by now. Nothing is better than food. So why not pick an awesome cooking class with a few girlfriends or even your boyfriend. Best part is you get to eat after!


Board Games at the Hex Cafe

It’s a modern space with treats from Corbeaux Bakehouse and coffee from Fratello, but most importantly for game-lovers, there are around 1,000 board games here. Check in at the front, start a tab, and start playing any game. It’s only $2.50 an hour to play.


Football Season

NFL is now upon us so grab a few friends and head to a local pub even start up a fantasy football!


Bowling, Bubble Hockey, and Golden Tee

National on 10th has an awesome bowling alley, which is free on Sunday’s. You just have to rent the shoes. While waiting for a lane to open up there are tons of other great games, such as bubble hockey, golden tee, and buck hunter!


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