I love Inglewood. It has a bit of a Vancouver Vibe to it, with its trendy shops and tasty restaurants. Nothing beats this neighborhood in the summer! Grab a gal pal, a cup of joe, and stroll the streets to check out some sweet shops. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Recordland: I love everything about records. Watching them spin, the sound, and just the way vinyl feels in my hands. Recordland is definitely one of my favorite record stores in Calgary. The price is decent and they have a huge selection. Separated by genre and alphabetized; my kind of store.

2.  Plant: There are flower shops then there’s this plant shop. I love the fact that most plants last longer than a week (unless your green thumb isn’t so green). This store is stuffed with cute vases, succulents, air plants, and much more.

3.  Outside The Shape: I finally got to check out this store the other day. They sell completely local products! Some of my favs included Milk Jar (only $25 a candle instead of the outrageous $40!) and Skwiik! I picked up the candle Dandy, which smells firewood and pine needles. Skwiik’s earl gray scrub left my skin soft and lightly scented.  Needless to say, my bubble bath was extra wonderful last night!

4. Silk Road: Is by far one of the best spice shops I’ve been in. It has spices I’ve never even heard of to make to help make some very flavourful dishes. It also, of course, has all the usual suspects of spices. It’s always one shop I make sure to stop into when in this neighborhood.

5. The Livery Shop: I adore this shop. It caters to all my wants, plus it’s in an old barn. What’s not to love? Here are some of my favorite local brands it carries: Coutukitsch, Camp Brand Goods, and Compartes.

6. Stash: Calling all those crafty individuals. This is the cutest yarn shop, with a huge selection of yarns and knitting products. They even do classes. Check out their website for class schedule!


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