Do you have some old wood laying around? Perfect! We used old wood from a fence.



Old wood (three flat board thick (fence boards), and 2 long, thin wood pieces)


Power saw, sander, drill, screws

Wood Stain

Old Rag

Masking Tape

News Paper

Spray Paint

  1. Gather three pieces of wood roughly the same length. If any are a bit longer you can cut the ends off with a saw so they are all the same length. (Make sure you protect your eyes! img_7454-jpg
  2. Place all three pieces of wood down flat on the side you want the sign’s writing to go. Find two long/thin piece of wood that are the same size. Cut to the same length. Put each long/thin piece on each side of the three larger pieces of wood, using a  drill and screws attach all the pieces of wood together. (this will hold your sign together). Shown in the picture here: img_7786-jpg
  3. Next, sand the top of the board with a power sander. I left some places unsanded to give it more of a rustic look.
  4. Once you finish sanding the board, grab a stain (color of choice) and paint the entire top of the sign. Then wipe the entire board with a paper towel or an old rag. This will be the result:IMG_7478.JPG.jpeg
  5. Let dry over night
  6. Now it’s time to paint! Lay down newspaper so you don’t wreck anything with the spray paint.
  7. Gather your supplies: Stencils, ruler, spray paint color of choice, tape (masking), pencil
  8. Using stencils and a ruler, mark out where you want your letters. To be honest I free handed mine but it never hurts to be more precise.

    9. Place tape around the letter of choice on all four sides so you don’t end up straying anything else. Place the letter down where you want the paint to go and spray away! If you screw up don’t panic, you can either wipe the paint away with a paper towel or you can sand off the paint with a hand sander.

10. Once all the letter has dried, you can place a clear lacquer top coat on. Then let it dry other night! The lettering will show up better once the top coat is on.

I could not have done this sign without my friend Clarissa. Check out her page Lumberjack & Jill and get her to make you one of these amazing sign.  Here are some examples of her work:


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