Camping in Alberta can be damn right cold. Winter camping is never ideal in a tent. This year I’ll be going to my parent’s cabin. This way you can still chill inside and play some cards or chill out by the fire. But there’s also the option to make a fire outside and do some outdoor activities, such as ice skating or snowshoeing. I love layering and keeping cozy. Big draped sweaters, leggings, and flannel are my go to during camping trips.

Luggage, Water Repellent Socks, Oversized Cotton Shirt, LeggingsSorel BootsSweater, Bracelet, Oversized Plaid Shirt, Fleece Sweater, Plaid Jacket, Lululemon Pants Sorel BootsCanada Goose Jacket

We pretty much sat around ate, chatted, and played board games all weekend. Everyone was super relaxed by the end of the weekend. We even did some face masks from Lush!


One of the best stores in Calgary to find some cute camping goodies is The Livery Shop in YYC.

As far as treats go: S’mores are so old fashioned and I’m pumped to try some of these recipes I found on the web.

Drinking Chocolate, Orange Almond Campfire Cakes, Apple Crisp, Mulled Wine


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