1) Branded Peak: 

Located close to the Chinook Centre in Calgary. This was our first stop of the crawl. This place is small and has an industrial look. We all squeezed in on a picnic table, sipped on beer tasters and tossed back kernels from the has a popcorn machine!IMG_8164.JPG


2) Highline: 

Located in Inglewood, Calgary. This second stop was equally as cool. I felt the  Yep/Nope sign was a nice touch. The tasting flight came in muffin tins and were thirst quenching. Plus they had some cool games to play with your mates. We ended up playing exploding kittens and cards against humanity.



3) Cold Garden:

Located in Inglewood, Calgary. This was our third and final stop. It was also my favorite out of the three. The beer was unique and tasty, my favorite being Cakeface. It had a good vibe and a cool atmosphere. They had comfy vintage furniture to kick your feet up on. They also had a giant sized Jenga game! I will definitely be coming back to this one.



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