I am absolutely in love tea and macaroons and my favorite spot in Calgary, AB is by far Ollia. I popped in yesterday to get my favorite Earl Grey Tea Misto and asked the girl working there how I could make this at home on my own. She gave me the run down and I purchased one of their tea pouches and decided to give it a whirl.

A Brief History

What is Earl Grey?

Earl Grey tea blends are classically known as the black tea (Camellia sinensis) with a hint of the bergamot orange.  This special citrus is known as a sour orange and originates from a small citrus tree in Italy.  The black tea base, of course, being from China, which had been around for centuries.

Who is Earl Grey?

This tea blend’s namesake is to Britain’s prime minister in the 1830s, Charles Grey, who received a  gift of tea flavored with bergamot oil. Lady Grey would serve this tea in London, which became extremely popular and was later sold, which is how Twinings began.

What You Need

2-3 tbsp Madame Grey blend

1-2 cups of boiling water

 1/2 Milk of choice  (I used Almond)

1-2 tbsp Sweetener of choice (honey or maple syrup (if vegan))

1 Vanilla Bean

Milk Frother

Tea Steeper


The How To

  1. First, bring the water to a boil and add the tea into the bottom of your tea steeper

2. Pour the boiling water into the tea steeper, add sweetener, cut the vanilla bean in half and place in steeper as well. Put steeper with tea in fridge and let it sit over night

3. In the morning grab your tea and add it to your milk frother along with the almond milk. Depending on the size of the frother the amount you put in will vary. Generally, the rule to use is 1 part to 1 part.

4. Add to your cup of choice and enjoy! I added rose petals only because they are so darn pretty. The steeped tea will keep in the fridge up to 10 days.

IMG_8445 2



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