I’m a Registered Nurse with many interests outside of the health care world. People who know me would say I’m fairly creative, which I should probably thank my mother for. It was her who saw my love for the arts, and decided to put me in dance, pottery classes, and even writing classes at very young age. Those years of dedication were so valuable and allowed me to develop into a pretty enthusiastic, driven and energetic individual. I chose the career path of a nurse, which seems strange I know. However, being a nurse also requires creativity and thinking outside  the box. Even so I still felt that something was missing and I knew I needed to express myself in more creative avenues.  I’m in love with so many things: the hand written note, fresh flowers, design, architecture, travel, fashion, and so much more. Six months ago, I moved to Calgary and started this blog.  I have always had a passion for design, writing and, even photography, but never thought I would actually pursue any of it, let alone in the form of a blog. I find it increasingly difficult to find the time to fit everything in my life but somehow I always figure it out.