Upcycling: Candles

  1. Start by burning the candle all the way to the bottom, it’s easier to get the wax out if its warm.


2. Blow the candle out! Next dump wax into a paper towel and a plastic bag. Careful, this stuff can get messy.

3.  Wipe the candle out with paper towel and put in the dishwasher once or twice (this will help removes the stickers on the candles.

5. Once you get an empty candle container then you can decide what to do with them! Here are some of my ideas:

Rocks Glasses





Match Holder

Q-tip Holder


You could even give a go at remaking your own DYI candles!


Upcycling: DYI Sign

Do you have some old wood laying around? Perfect! We used old wood from a fence.



Old wood (three flat board thick (fence boards), and 2 long, thin wood pieces)


Power saw, sander, drill, screws

Wood Stain

Old Rag

Masking Tape

News Paper

Spray Paint

  1. Gather three pieces of wood roughly the same length. If any are a bit longer you can cut the ends off with a saw so they are all the same length. (Make sure you protect your eyes! img_7454-jpg
  2. Place all three pieces of wood down flat on the side you want the sign’s writing to go. Find two long/thin piece of wood that are the same size. Cut to the same length. Put each long/thin piece on each side of the three larger pieces of wood, using a  drill and screws attach all the pieces of wood together. (this will hold your sign together). Shown in the picture here: img_7786-jpg
  3. Next, sand the top of the board with a power sander. I left some places unsanded to give it more of a rustic look.
  4. Once you finish sanding the board, grab a stain (color of choice) and paint the entire top of the sign. Then wipe the entire board with a paper towel or an old rag. This will be the result:IMG_7478.JPG.jpeg
  5. Let dry over night
  6. Now it’s time to paint! Lay down newspaper so you don’t wreck anything with the spray paint.
  7. Gather your supplies: Stencils, ruler, spray paint color of choice, tape (masking), pencil
  8. Using stencils and a ruler, mark out where you want your letters. To be honest I free handed mine but it never hurts to be more precise.

    9. Place tape around the letter of choice on all four sides so you don’t end up straying anything else. Place the letter down where you want the paint to go and spray away! If you screw up don’t panic, you can either wipe the paint away with a paper towel or you can sand off the paint with a hand sander.

10. Once all the letter has dried, you can place a clear lacquer top coat on. Then let it dry other night! The lettering will show up better once the top coat is on.

I could not have done this sign without my friend Clarissa. Check out her page Lumberjack & Jill and get her to make you one of these amazing sign.  Here are some examples of her work:

Mid Century Modern: Mad Men Era

By definition: Midcentury modern is a style of furniture design, product design, and architecture that began after World War II and continued into the 1960s. Often called “mod” and most definitely retro, this style is marked by simplicity, clean lines, organic forms, and materials such as wood, metal, and plastic.

I find it’s popping up more and more these days and I absolutely love it. It’s simple and clean just like the definition said.

I’m really into whites and greys currently. That colour combo seems to be here to stay and you can play up the room with coloured accents or a pop of colour wall. The other nice thing is you can always switch out the accents if you get bored. I’m digging these items from West Elm:


Mid Century DeskMid Century FutonMid Century End Table

A few items that are a little more out there but I love. Especially the velvet couch!

Coffee TableMedia ConsoleMid Century Velvet Couch

Lighting and Adding Pops of Colour

LampFloor Lamp, Wall Art, Mid Century Rug

Hello Summer

My patio is finally coming together. I get tons of sunlight and I have an amazing view. It’s like having an extra room in my small little apartment in the summer. Stay tuned for some entertaining parties out there!


I added small touch such as easy to maintain succulents, lanterns, and cute marble coasters.

I got the marble coasters at Homesense but you can find them pretty much anywhere: Similar here, Dinning Set, Rug is also from Homesense but I found a somewhat similar one here,  String lights,  Small teal lantern is from Superstore, Seats are from Costco but are no longer available but Costco does have a few cute other ones.

Decor: Small Balcony

I recently moved into a new apartment with a much bigger balcony, meaning my little patio set makes my patio looking very bare. Here are some ideas that I’m using to decorate my patio and make it an outdoor oasis. I want something cozy and inviting where I can sip on some rose on those warm summer nights!

Outdoor Rug, Lantern , String Lights, Door Mat, Tree Trunk Planter, Herb Garden, Bar Cart, Small Table, Throw Blanket

Stay tuned for the final product this summer.

Copper Craze

Right now I’m obsessed with copper and I have splashes of it all over my apartment. I found  a good chunk of the items at Homesense  for a reasonable price in both Calgary and Edmonton. Chapters, West Elm, William Sonoma, and Anthropologie  also many copper items available.


These are just some examples in my home but there are so many other ways to use copper accents. Planters, lamps, kitchen accessories, or even go for something bolder such as a oven or bathtub. Its more of a commitment but I love the look of it.



Ice Bucket, Bodum Coffee Collection, Moscow Mule Mugs, Copper Lamp, Kitchen Aid Mixer, Garlic Press, Copper Spoon, Pasta Fork, Coffee Dripper, Desk Accessories, Measuring Cups, Side Table

Now Channelling: Cabin Fever

I have always loved the mountains and when I think of the mountains I think of relaxing at a cabin.   There’s something about a cabin that takes you away and makes you forget your problems. The cabin doesn’t have to actually be in the mountains but it can even be a targeted guest room in your home. Having a wood accent wall can transform a room and make you feel like you’re on vacation in a cozy ski chalet.



You can find amazing pieces at most furniture stores or if you’re more on a budget there are beautiful works of art on Etsy that give off that rustic vibe.

Rustic Table, Moroccan Style Rug, Moroccan Style Pillow, Mountain Magnets, Faux Antlers, Cutting Board, CouchWine Bottle CandleBook Ends, Wooden Table Lamp, Canadian Map

Decor: Featuring Marble

I’m in love with marble right now . I find it to be classic , elegant, and timeless. I love how it goes with anything. These are the few item I have in my home as well as ones I would love to have!





Utensil HolderTic-Tac-Toe GameSalt DishClockCoffee TableCheese Board