Classy Claws: Nail Ideas



Working Girl: Dress to Impress

Being a nurse I always had to work scrubs but as I moved my way up in the health care world I am now able to wear business casual clothing. I usually tend to wear dress pants and a blouse, even the occasional dress (professional of course). Currently most people at my work wear jeans but I like to take it up a notch. You will also always find me wearing booties and flats. I need to be quick on my feet! I would love to wear heels but they don’t really work well in my line of work. Here are some of my favourite looks:

Green Skirt, Grey Wide Leg Pants, Navy Vest, Black Pencil Dress, Black Dress Pants, Grey Dress Pants, White Button Up Blouse, Sleeveless BlouseAnkle booties, Strapped Heel, Oxford Shoes





Diner en Blanc

Every year an outdoor picnic, Diner en Blanc  takes place secret location in various cities throughout Canada. I live in Calgary, AB and have always loved picnics, so why not do it with hundreds of other individuals that all want to have a good time? Those attending are all supposed to wear white, and who doesn’t love a theme party? In order to attend the party you have to submit your email and then you are sent an invite asking you if you would still like to attend the party. You are then released the secret location on the day of the event.



Scalloped DressWhite Layered DressLong White DressLace Pleated Dress



What I Wore

Dinner Ware

White Folding ChairTable and ChairsWhite Compact TableWhite Picnic Basket


Shop Local

I love supporting local shops especially in our current economic status. There are some very talented artists out there that produce everything from jewelry to footwear. Here are a few of my favs:

  1. Karma Victoria: This lovely lady, Tory Culen and I used to work with at Earls many years ago. She is based out of Edmonton, AB and is influenced by natural geometry and modernism. I really love her work. Her pieces can be picked up at stores such as Bamboo Ballroom in Edmonton, AB. Although I have seen some of her pieces in Inglewood in Calgary, AB.


2.Berg and Betts: Next is a lovely lady also from Edmonton, AB, Jessie Atkins. She has a love for simplicity and a keen eye for innovative design. BERG+BETTS is a sustainable timepiece company that makes every watch out of designer scrap leather that would otherwise go to waste. I love the idea of up-cycling and turning something that would otherwise have been tossed into the garbage a work of art.

3. Poppy and Barely: Launched with the idea that one size does not fit all. They wanted a luxury shoe that does not break the bank. They achieved this through transparent manufacturing and a better fitting shoe. The can be made to order and will have you measure your own foot or  you can pop into their location in Edmonton, AB. They do however, sometimes have pop up shops in Calgary, AB. Their footwear can take up to 6 weeks to get to you due to the footwear being custom fit to your foot. They often have different designs each season for both guys and gals. They are also responsible for giving Berg and Betts their left over leather for the watches.

4. Harlow Skin Care, is a hand crafted skin care company based out of Vancouver, BC. They use carefully curated whole ingredient blends – ethically sourced from all over the world, free from preservatives and other unnecessary additives are meant to nourish, repair and protect your skin leaving it smooth and hydrated.  They produce scrubs, candles, and even body lotions. I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some of their products myself, which I discovered at the The Livery Shop.


Travel: Mexico Addition

I love travelling especially somewhere hot. I’ve also decided with the increasing baggage fees that I am no longer travelling with a checked bag. I’m an over packer and I find whatever size of bag I have it will always be full so I chose these two bags below and was able to fit everything I needed. (Ps Rolling clothes is key!)


Delsey Suitcase, Lo and Sons Carry On

I can’t express how much I love this carry on. It fits my lap top, ipad, has a small pocket for keys, passport, and even has a side pocket for a pair of shoes. Plus it fits perfectly under the seat on the plane. Click on the link above to see the video on how much this bag really fits!



Another way I like to keep organized while traveling is using: This Is Ground Tablet Holder. It can hold a few cards my passport, my ipad, notebook. You can even purchase different inserts and get your initials stamped on the front.


Another thing I’ve discovered while flying are these Carry on Cocktail Kits. They instantly make the flight more fun. Booze is not included. (Ps its legal to bring mini bottles of booze through airport security! )


Travelling with liquids can be difficult especially when you’re not checking a bag. I find Sephora my best bet for under 100ml liquids. I usually buy sample packs around christmas time or whenever they have them. They last a longtime if you’re only using them for travel. Most other companies also have travel size products such as these SaJe ones shown below. I also like to have a clear pouch already packed to save myself sometime at security.


A few clothing items I adore and love to take (or would love to take lol) with me to Mexico are:


Off the Shoulder Dress, Wayuu Bag, Triangl Swim Suit, Black Triangl Swim SuitWilfred Dress, Levi’s Shorts, Romper, Wanderer Blouse, Russo Dress, Marla Top, Orsen Dress, Free People Hat